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Prepare/Enrich: Is your relationship check-engine light on?

As you are happily humming along on your life's journey, an unfamiliar warning light might flash from your dashboard. Maybe it's just time for some regular maintenance or maybe you are heading toward something more challenging.

Are you in an intimate relationship? If you could do something to reduce your chances of breaking up by a third, would you be interested? Then you may be very interested in learning about Prepare/Enrich. Based on 35 years of research including more than 4 million couples, Prepare/Enrich is the global standard for relationship assessment and marriage preparation.

Participation in this program is proven to strengthen relationships and reduce the chance of divorce by 30%! Now that’s pretty darn impressive.

The program was initially developed decades ago primarily as a marriage preparation tool for clergy, but it has responded to the changing nature of relationships in recent years and expanded to meet the needs of modern couples of all ages, stages, and arrangements of relationship. In addition to couples planning marriage, Prepare/Enrich offers customized assessments for long-together couples wanting to make a good thing better, dating couples over 50 curious about the sustainability of their relationship, couples thinking of adopting, military families, and more.

I’m proud to share with you that I am a certified Prepare/Enrich facilitator, and I’d be honored to coach you and your significant other through the assessment and facilitated conversation process. I offer secular coaching with this assessment but if you prefer a religious Prepare/Enrich facilitator, I can help you find one.

During the months of July and August I’m offering a summer special. When you contact me to begin Couples Coaching, I will provide you with a complimentary Prepare/Enrich assessment (a $35 value).

We think nothing of taking our vehicles into the shop to get a tune-up before we hit the road for summer vacation. Why not do the same for your most important life relationship? Coaching with Prepare/Enrich can help you take your relationship from good to great!

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