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Be Your Own Best Advocate!

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

Why might you need an advocate?

  • Miranda* hated going to work. She felt completely covered over, unseen, and unappreciated. Her relationship with co-workers and productivity on the job suffered.

  • Mike* was the first in his family to go to college and his family had high expectations for him. They pushed him into a degree program that he had no interest in. And his grades showed it.

  • Susan* lost her spouse after a decades-long marriage. She felt sad, angry and lonely. Susan rarely had the energy or interest to leave the house.

Each of these people are smart, capable, and loving. And all of them were stuck, angry, overwhelmed and at a loss about what to do. They came to AdvoCassie Coaching for help. Together we determined what they truly wanted and needed in their lives, then they learned how to advocate for themselves and turn their desires into reality.

  • Miranda made a thorough assessment of her needs, wants, and passions and decided a job change was in order! She developed healthy work boundaries and improved her communication skills. The new job she found is a better fit and far more satisfying.

  • Mike found the courage to have deep and meaningful conversations with his loved ones to help them understand his passion for his desired future goals. He now enjoys more family support and changed his major.

  • Susan still grieves the loss of her spouse, but she has been able to let go of anger, is exploring new interests, making new friends - and is even considering dating.

An advocate is someone who defends and supports another. Who advocates for you and what is important in your life? You may have a supportive spouse, parent or friend who fills this role. You may not. And even if you do, the most well-meaning loved ones may have biases that can get in the way of being truly helpful. I’d like to suggest that you do it for yourself! Who better than you? And I am here to help you learn how to do it!

Advocacy has been a central focus of my life. It’s who I am. I began my professional career as a certified childbirth educator and doula, advocating for women and families. Later I became a state level advocate for children and families working for better public education, health care, and more. After decades advocating on behalf of thousands of people I rarely met in person, I realized I missed working directly with people. I decided to return to helping people one-on-one as a life and relationship coach. And that’s why I have a play on words - AdvoCassie Coaching - as my business name. My lifelong passion for advocacy and my name are one!

As your coach it is my job to be your personal advocate – supporting and defending you without judgment – while challenging you to make the most of your individual strengths and skills to achieve your goals and desires. I can help you gain the self-knowledge and understanding you want and need to live your daily life with hope, integrity, and satisfaction. I am ready, willing, and able to be your personal advocate as you learn lifelong skills that will enable you to be your own best advocate.

Who will find this program useful? Many of my favorite clients are smart, capable, accomplished and loving. Yet life often leaves them feeling frazzled, deflated, anxious, overwhelmed and undervalued. If this resonates with you and you'd like to live life as the smart, capable, loving person you are and feel functional, confident, peaceful and happy - then Be Your Own Best Advocate may be just the thing you need right now.

How can you achieve this new way of feeling and living? Together we will take a breath, carve out some time, and make a deep dive into your life as we:

  • Explore your personal values and vision – what is truly important in your life?

  • Determine your personal strengths and how you can use them to your advantage

  • Identify the saboteurs in your life – whether it’s yourself or others or current situations

  • Check your boundaries – do have some, need some, cross some?

  • Define priorities – make decisions – set goals

  • Keep you accountable to yourself and your chosen goals

You may feel that there is no time for yourself, no space, and no choices. But no matter what your situation may be you do have choices. Together we will take the 10,000 ft. view of the personal landscape of your life, appreciate who you are and all that you bring to the table, and reconnect with what is truly important to you. You can feel hopeful about your future and make meaningful changes in your life with integrity.

Be Your Own Best Advocate!

Commit to this 12 week program and learn how to advocate for yourself in your daily life. Coaching clients have found that when they make changes to care for and support themselves, they are better able to care for and support the important people in their lives. BUT FIRST YOU HAVE TO KNOW WHAT YOU REALLY (REALLY) WANT!

Special Program Pricing – 12 weeks for $495!

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*All client names and situations are disguised for confidentiality.

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