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Frequently Asked Questions

Where and how does coaching take place?

Coaching sessions are typically held via video chat but can take place on the phone. If you live in the Columbia, SC area it may be possible to meet in person. Sessions usually take place weekly or bi-weekly and are 45 – 55 minutes long.

Is coaching confidential?

Yes! With the exception of very specific and atypical circumstances which are spelled out in our coaching agreement, everything we discuss will remain confidential – unless you choose otherwise.

Is coaching therapy? Can I participate in coaching AND therapy simultaneously?

Coaching is not intended to take the place of psychotherapy. I do not diagnose or treat mental illness. Coaching within my practice works best for functional adults. If there are circumstances present where I believe you would find therapy beneficial, I will suggest that to you. Coaching and therapy can certainly work to your benefit together. Occasionally I will determine that a potential client is not a good candidate for coaching and would be better off seeking help from a licensed mental health provider.

Is PREPARE/ENRICH just for marriage preparation? Is it religious?

I use the PREPARE/ENRICH assessment as a tool for my secular couples coaching, however it is available in a variety of religious traditions. While spirituality can certainly be a topic we explore during coaching, I can also help you find a religious facilitator if that is your preference. PREPARE/ENRICH began as a marriage preparation course typically administered within a clerical setting. Over a period of decades this highly respected and researched assessment/program has been expanded to meet the needs of couples in all ages and stages of relationship including, but not limited to: premarital, dating, married and remarried couples. In fact you can take an assessment just for military couples, adopting couples, and even over-55 couples - which is my specialty!


Coaching sounds like just what I need but I can’t really afford it right now. Are there any options for me?

Yes. I am committed to serving people who really want to participate in the coaching process whenever possible. I offer discounts to students, educators and first responders in addition to a limited number of scholarship opportunities. Please message me so we can discuss what might work for you.


I think coaching would be great for our family but my spouse doesn’t want to participate. Can I do it on my own?

If you are interested in family or couples coaching but others are not ready or willing to participate, I invite you to begin with one-on-one life coaching and see where that might lead you.

Don't see your question here?

Message me and ask it! (I don't bite.)

Rely on my strengths to guide me

"Coaching helped me learn to rely on my strengths to guide me through life challenges and be mindful and present in all situations, allowing for thoughtful reactions. I have gained tools to help me navigate life in the best way possible! I am managing life stressors and feel more confident at work. Cassie is an excellent coach!" 

 S.C.I., Cayce, SC

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