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It is my honor to help people make real change in their lives.
Thank you to my clients!

Retirement years now hold more promise...

"I can’t recommend AdvoCassie Coaching enough. Take it from someone who didn’t understand what a life coach can do for you, it works! I have been working with her for a good while now and for once in my adult life I feel positive forward movement in my goals, personal development, and overall wellbeing. My retirement years now hold more promise of good things to come. My biggest takeaway so far - I am the one in control of my own contentment. Those that know me, understand how wonderful that is for me."

L.H., Columbia, SC

Made a plan and stuck to it!

"I started working with Cassie last fall after I decided to go back to school and change my career. The idea of making such a big change in my life, with a young family and home to care for seemed daunting. Cassie was so supportive and helped me come up with a plan to stay motivated, keep my home happy, and put my needs first. I’m happy to say that I’ve been able to stick with the plan. Cassie’s coaching was the pat on the back I needed to push through my anxieties and keep moving forward.”

L.B., Whistler, British Columbia

Best decision - career change!

"Working with Cassie was one of the best decisions I made in 2020. Our sessions helped guide me through a career change, pandemic stress, self-doubt, and lack of confidence. Cassie is a natural coach. With her guidance, I was able to reflect and grow in ways that I once only hoped for. I cannot recommend her service enough."

B.S., Columbia, SC

I don't walk on eggshells anymore

"I had never tried coaching and was uncertain about it but I needed to talk with someone outside my family. Working with Cassie I made the decision to work on myself and start dreaming again! Thanks to coaching, I don’t walk on eggshells anymore and I recognize my own worth and all I have accomplished in my life. This work has been a pleasure and it felt good to let some hard things out."

 L.C., Lancaster, SC

Developed valuable life skills

"Life coaching was one of the best decisions I've made to be successful in my life. Cassie Barber is amazing and made me feel comfortable from our first meeting. Coaching helped me focus on my academics. I improved my GPA and developed valuable life skills that I can carry beyond my academic career. I am now more comfortable in embracing myself and celebrating my accomplishments. I highly recommend life coaching and highly recommend you do it with Cassie!"

 A.W., Ridgeland, SC

Rely on my strengths to guide me

"Coaching helped me learn to rely on my strengths to guide me through life challenges and be mindful and present in all situations, allowing for thoughtful reactions. I have gained tools to help me navigate life in the best way possible! I am managing life stressors and feel more confident at work. Cassie is an excellent coach!" 

 S.C.I., Cayce, SC


"Working with Cassie is the best thing that has happened to me in a long time. I had never heard of a life coach and wasn't sure what to expect. Cassie has gone above and beyond the call of duty for me. She has such insight and compassion for me and I feel so much better after our sessions. My world is full of depression and anxiety over so many things in my life, but after our sessions I have HOPE! I look forward to our time are PRICELESS!!"

 G.R., Irmo, SC

AdvoCassie Icon_edited.jpg

Helps me make plans and set goals

"Cassie has been my life coach for nearly two years - since my beloved wife of 52 years passed away. She is a brilliant woman, superb listener, writes beautifully, and summarizes our complicated sessions well.  Week-to-week she remembers my history. She helps me make plans and set goals. Cassie seems like part of my family."

 A.W., Schenectady, NY

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