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Couples Coaching

No matter the age or stage of your relationship - make it better!

Coaching can help

Few things in life are more critical than supporting and nurturing our intimate relationships. As a certified PREPARE/ENRICH facilitator, I provide coaching for couples (heterosexual and same sex) at any stage of their relationship. Special assessment just for couples over 55! Spanning the full range of intimate couple relationships: - Dating couples moving toward commitment - Engaged couples preparing for marriage - Married and cohabitating couples who want to move from good to great - Couples currently struggling - Blended families - Adoptive and foster families Wherever you are in your relationship, coaching can help! AdvoCassie Coaching uses the PREPARE/ENRICH assessment to identify areas of strength and growth for each couple as a basis for secular* coaching sessions. This is not a test, but more of a snapshot in time of your relationship that can provide you with a deeper understanding of the dynamics between you. Research-based PREPARE/ENRICH has established itself over the past 35 years working with millions of couples as the global standard in premarital and marriage assessment. Initially developed for marriage preparation in the 1970’s, research demonstrates that participation in the PREPARE (PREmarital Personal And Relationship Evaluation) assessment and sessions reduces the chance of divorce by 31%** and strengthens relationships significantly. In 1980 the ENRICH (Evaluation and Nurturing Relationship Issues Communication and Happiness) assessment for married couples was developed. Over the ensuing decades variations of the assessment have been tailored to provide a customized experience for every couple no matter the age or stage of their particular relationship! Based on your PREPARE/ENRICH assessment we will agree on a customized multi-session program during which we will explore your strengths as a couple, determine areas for potential growth, and identify strategies for improving your relationship going forward. *PREPARE/ENRICH tailored to a variety of religious traditions is also available. I can help you find a religious facilitator if that is your preference. **I can provide you with research citations supporting the efficacy and validity of PREPARE/ENRICH.

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