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Be Your Own Best Advocate!

Be Your Own Best Advocate - 12 Week Program

Coaching can help

Want to try coaching but not sure how or where to get started? Be Your Own Best Advocate might be the perfect and cost effective program you've been looking for! Why might you need an advocate? Even though you are smart, functional, and loving, do you feel overwhelmed, deflated, stuck, and undervalued? Would you like to feel capable, confident, peaceful and maybe even HAPPY? You might need an advocate. An advocate is someone who defends and supports another. Who advocates for you and what is important in your life? You may have a supportive spouse, parent or friend who fills this role. You may not. And even if you do, the most well-meaning loved ones can have biases that can get in the way of showing up for you and your best interests. I’d like to suggest that you do it for yourself! Who better than you? And I am here to help you learn how! Advocacy has been a central focus of my life. It’s who I am. I began my professional career as a certified childbirth educator and doula, advocating for women and families. Later I became a state level advocate for children and families working for better public education, health care, and more. Probably very much like you, I led a life that was successful on many levels, but I often felt completely overwhelmed, underappreciated, and like I was drowning in quicksand from which there was no escape! I needed my own advocate, mentor, coach - SOMEONE to help me find my way up and out. After decades advocating on behalf of thousands of people I rarely met in person, I realized I missed working directly with people. I decided to return to helping people one-on-one as a life and relationship coach. And that’s why I have a play on words - AdvoCassie Coaching - as my business name. My lifelong passion for advocacy and my name are one! I am ready, willing and able to be your personal advocate, but IN THE LONG RUN the ideal is for you to learn how to Be Your Own Best Advocate! Together over the next 12 weeks we will EXPLORE your values and vision; determine your PERSONAL STRENGTHS; identify SABOTEURS in your life; check BOUNDARIES; define PRIORITIES, make DECISIONS, and set GOALS! This 12 week program is very affordable - only $600 prepaid - more than 15% off the regular individual coaching price! Book your free call now to get your questions answered and get started!

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