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Want FREE Research-Based Marriage Advice? The Gottmans have Got You!

Drs. John and Julie Gottman are world-renowned researchers on love and marriage. And yes, they have lots of personal experience to bring to the table - they’re a long time married couple! They’ve written several books on the topic including The Relationship Cure. Together they formed the Gottman Institute where they train professionals around the globe in their Gottman Method for attaining and sustaining successful relationships. This information and assistance can be quite costly, but you can get some generic advice for your marriage from them for free!

Marriage Minute from the Gottman Institute is a bite-size, bi-weekly email message featuring tips and suggestions you can put to daily use in your romantic relationship. A recent post focused on summer dates with 15 specific ideas for nurturing your relationship with your partner while spending time together outdoors. Possibilities range from the romantic, to festive, and even practical! For example:

#5 Farmers Market Outing

I know a couple who make it a priority to visit their local farmer’s market together every Saturday, buying locally roasted coffee, choosing fresh vegetables for the week and perhaps a bouquet of flowers to brighten their home. This activity provides reconnection after a busy week and the opportunity to enjoy the sights and smells and tastes the market offers, while simultaneously checking a shopping chore off their list! The outing often extends to cooking their fresh finds together.

#2 Outdoor Movie

Remember drive-in movie theaters? When I was a teenager going to the drive-in was the ideal date for popcorn and a little romance. Long gone for most of us, these theaters are making a comeback in some areas of the country. But why not create one in your own back yard? Mount a TV in your screened porch or patio (with a little bug repellant handy), pop some corn, turn out the lights and let the magic begin. There is just something special about watching a movie outside. Another version of this is to play a board game by candlelight outdoors in the dark.

#9 Stargazing

And then of course there is nature’s movie, Stargazing. Sitting on your very own deck, out on the balcony or in the backyard, holding hands and sharing a cold drink. Listening to the crickets or a train in the distance and gazing at the sky. Sharing thoughts as they come up.

These are some fun, yet simple and very affordable suggestions for taking a minute to pause and focus on your relationship. Want more Marriage Minutes? Sign up here:

Interested in putting more focus on improving your relationship than email reminders can provide? Take advantage of my Prepare/Enrich Summer Special and receive your research based assessment when you sign up for couples coaching in August!

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