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Can a Podcast Help You Feel Happier?

Updated: Aug 25, 2023


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Listen, Learn, Be Entertained AND Feel Happier!

I like to listen to podcasts while I walk the dog or clean my house. It’s probably the only multi-tasking I’m actually good at! I admit to listening to a fair amount of true crime, but sometimes I want to listen to a podcast that will teach me something, lift my spirits and maybe even give me ideas for improving my life. That’s when I choose Live Happy Now.

This podcast has been around for many seasons now and covers myriad topics focused on physical and mental health, practical life hacks, and people who are positive change-makers. These brief podcasts (about half an hour) share tips and talks on brain development, aging well, what dogs can teach us about happiness, the importance of gut health - you name it! Host Paula Phelps talks with gurus on virtually any topic you can think of.

But there’s more! I’ve been listening to the Live Happy Now podcasts for a while. Only recently did I discover that Live Happy has expanded their offerings. A visit to the website showed me a celebration of Happy Activists around the world. I learned about activist Veronika Scott who came up with the idea to create a coat that converts to a sleeping bag for the homeless. Taking that idea a step further, Veronika developed The Empowerment Plan – hiring homeless women to sew the coats and providing them with micro-loans to help get them back on their feet. Another interesting article featured an interview with David Fishof about how Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy Camp came to be. Inspired by a backstage disagreement between a couple of famous musicians while producing the Live Aid concert, the camp brings together musicians and their fans (without whom they’d be out of business!) and the results bring about much happiness and success for all involved. (Like inspiring a cancer survivor to become the best-selling author she always wanted to be.)

Need a lift? Visit to review the entire compendium of goodness there. Topics you will find under the Discover tab include Self-Care, Relationships, Lifestyle, Work, Science, Practice, Technology, Mindset, and #HappyActs. Look, listen, learn, and be happy!

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