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Focusing on our strengths. What’s RIGHT with you, anyway?

Have you noticed how when we talk about our mental health we usually focus on what’s wrong with us? Trying to figure out how to deal with situations, behaviors, and relationships that are less than ideal can make us feel upset and vulnerable. Fear of being judged by others, and often by ourselves, can stop people from seeking therapy or coaching. It’s my job as your coach to listen deeply and understand the issues you share with me in confidence and without judgment as you determine how to handle them. I know it can be intimidating to even think about diving into the tough stuff.

But what about the good stuff? We can dive into that too!

As a part of the coaching experience something I like to do with my clients is to spend time focusing on what is right with them.

  • What are you naturally good at?

  • What is it about you that your family especially enjoys?

  • What attracts friends and colleagues to you?

  • What enables you to be a loving parent, child, sibling or spouse, a treasured friend, a valued co-worker?

  • What is within you that drives your passions?

  • What are the positive characteristics at your core that you can go to and rely on every single day - and especially in times of trouble?

  • What makes you, you?

There are many ways in which we can discover your unique strengths but I’ve found a special tool that makes it easy to get the conversation started and I’m going to share it with you now. The VIA Institute on Character has developed a simple assessment of 24 character strengths that will provide you with your top five character strengths for free. Visit to take the test. The Via Institute will collect your information anonymously to add to their research and send you follow-up emails, but you can opt out any time. And there are no wrong answers!

I’d love to explore your strengths with you and help you tap into those strengths as we work toward your coaching goals. Curious to know my top five character strengths? I’ll share: Love, Humor, Perspective, Leadership, and Honesty.

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