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Thinking About Your Retirement Years? Already Retired?

Embolden Your Golden Years!

I work with individuals and couples over 50 to successfully navigate later life transitions and make the next chapter of their lives the best yet!
Retirement Coaching can help you flourish in later life:
  • Adjust to Emotional and Social Transitions 
  • Anticipate Physical and Financial Needs
  • Know Your Own Mind and Trust Your Gut
  • Design Your Retirement Lifestyle
  • Create a Plan and Take Action with Confidence

Health, wealth, and relationships in our later years are very different from our first five decades. Later life deserves special attention to ensure we make the most of it!
Retirement years now hold more promise

"I can’t recommend AdvoCassie Coaching enough. Take it from someone who didn’t understand what a life coach can do for you, it works! I have been working with her for a good while now and for once in my adult life I feel positive forward movement in my goals, personal development, and overall wellbeing. My retirement years now hold more promise of good things to come. My biggest takeaway so far - I am the one in control of my own contentment. Those that know me, understand how wonderful that is for me."

L.H., Columbia, SC 

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